Wheelcorp Premium Purchasing Department.

Our Expertise in Purchasing

To give you the best that you truly deserve, we take pride in our dedicated Purchasing Department from Wheelcorp Premium Selection made-up of our team of experienced consultants.

When you trade-in your car at Wheelcorp Premium, you can be assured that we offer competitive value and price. Armed with the best market and product knowledge, we ensure that you will get the best sourcing for your finest car. Trade-in Vehicles Providing quality, speed and passion, our Purchasing Department is ever ready to provide consultation and appraisal for your vehicle with utmost professionalism.

Convenient appointment for vehicle appraisal consultation – can be made via phone call or online enquiry. All routine appraisals are carried out within 30 minutes or the agreed time. Instant re-sale quotes within minutes after your appraisal. Relax at our comfortable lounge and enjoy a cup of coffee while the appraisal is being conducted.

Our Purchasing Team

Feel free to contact our purchasers directly or call BMW Premium Selection at 03-3358 3913 for an appointment. Alternatively, make an online enquiry.