BMW Service + Repair Inclusive

Now standard on every new BMW BMW Service + Repair Inclusive.

Professional service, maintenance, and repair for 3 years or 60,000km*whichever comes first.

This exclusive service program gives you the freedom to enjoy your BMW on any road,at any time. So you can concentrates on the driving pleasure without having to worry about the service and maintenance.

The BMW Service+Repair Inclusive is complimentary with any new BMW you acquire and is designed so that you can forget about the cost of servicing, maintenance and wear-and-tear of your BMW for the next 3 years or 60,000km* which ever comes first.

It is an assurance that your BMW will always be serviced with precision and that only Original BMW Parts will be used. Of curse, the trademark BMW reliability, safety and quality go without saying.

Benefits of BMW Service+Repair Inclusive at a glance:

  • Offer advice to help build the right car for you.
  • Change of engine oil(not including top-ups)
  • Service/replacement of air filters,microfilters,spark plugs, brake fluid.
  • Brake pads,front and rear.
  • Brake disc,front and rear.
  • Clutch (worn only)
  • Windscreen wiper blades as part of routines maintenance.
  • Vehicle check and standard services as set out in BMW Service booklet in owners documentation (chapter:Maintenance summary, Vehicle check)
  • Repairs beyond warranty covered during programme period.

Unlimited Value

The freedom that comes with BMW Service + Repair Inclusive is automatically transfered to subsequent owners for the remaining term of validity. This provide you with decisive advantage when selling your car. Because nothing compares to the feeling of owning a professionally-serviced BMW in the knowledge that all necessary future maintenance is included free of charged*.

It's service that keeps you ahead for years to come.